micro SD vs SDHC

Will a microSDHC card fit the microSD slot on my LG RumorTouch cell phone? I know the difference is capacity and that disk must be a micro…just need to know if it will fit without any adapter.

 Yes, a “micro” card will fit any “micro” slot, regardless of the device. :smiley:

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Thanks so much!!! Others have given extra info without ever answering the question. Have been trying to get an answer for over a month from various sources.

The difference between microSD and microSD HC is the “High Capacity” designation, meaning it has a capacity above 2GB.

Many devices have the SDHC icon printed on them. The capabilities of your device will often have the capacity listed in the specifications section of the owner’s guide or manual. That 200-page little booklet that I often leave in the box, then ends up in a drawer somewhere…

I do believe SanDisk has a capacity “widget” in the site somewhere as well, where you can enter your device’s model to check card compatibility.


My cell came with a ‘quick start’ booklet only, not with a manual. As I stated, I know the difference is capacity; my problem was that the PACKAGE stated that a “16GBmicroSD” card was needed; it DID NOT say “16GBmicroSDHC” card. Thanks for letting me know about the ‘widget’.