micro sd problem


my sandisk sansa clip plus does not see the music that I have inside my micro sd. It worked fine for the last 3 months, and then I pulled it out because a friend needed some music and not it doesn’t recognize any music. If I connect the microsd to my pc, it works fine.

What could it be?

Need more info:

Are the music files .mp3, .wma or some other format? 

Can you play the files in your computer? 

Do you know whether your friend just copied the files or tried to do some kind of sync with Windows Media Player or an Apple computer? 

The easiest solution might be to get the files off the card and back on your computer, then put them back onto the card.  Format the card with  your computer to FAT32, put the Clip into MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC), put the card in the Clip, copy the files back onto it. 

music files are mp3

i can play them on my computer yes

he copied them

i cant format the card to fat32, just to exFAT and NTFS

What size is the card?


The Clip wasn’t really built for 64GB cards, because they use a different format from FAT32.  It came out before they existed. 

Was this exact same card working before you lent it?  Maybe your friend’s computer did something to its formatting information.

Windows may not like it, but there are programs that will format it to FAT32. I Googled around and saw this thread. 


which uses this program


Double and triple-check to make sure you are formatting  the card and not some other drive.  There are step-by-step instructions in the forum thread linked above. But be careful: Partitioning software is powerful, and  if you apply it to the wrong drive you can mess up your computer badly.

In fact, I’d suggest setting a Restore Point (look in your Help files if you need instructions on how to do that) before running the program. 

The 64GB cards come formatted as exFAT. Your player needs it to be FAT32. Windows will not format the card to FAT32. You must use a 3rd-party formatting utility to do it.


worked!! awesome thanks