Micro SD playlist problem

Sansa Clip+ 4GB


Media Monkey Gold

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

Micro Center brand 8GB microSDHC card

When I sync playlists from media monkey (MM) to the clips external sd card  the green progress bar will run indicating that files are being transferred.  However, when I check the playlists menu it is empty.  Also, nothing shows up in the music or folder menus as if nothing transferred.  This is in MSC mode.  In MTP mode the music will show up in the folder and music menus but again, nothing in playlists.  I had an 8GB clip+ w/ same model/size microSD card but never had this problem.  Unfortunately I lost that player on vacation.  I’ve searched the forums and found a couple threads that were of no help.

Couple other issues I’ve had with this clip:  when I skip tracks there is a slight pause.  This happens maybe 50% of the time.  Also, when I disconnect the clip from pc with the microSD card installed the screen will display ‘Disconnected’ for quite a long time before it finally refreshes.  Sometimes it won’t even refresh and turn off automatically.  When I power up the clip it will get stuck on the sansa symbol start up screen and I’ll have to reset the device.