Micro SD Cards not working

I just got a new Fuze and am having issues getting the micro sdhc card to work inside it. I have tried quite a few different things to get it to work but have failed. My Fuze is a 2 gig model and I picked up a 8 gig Adata micro sdhc card. Every time I try to sync anything to the sd card I get an error from WMP that says that the drive is full. I have formatted a few times but get the same error. When the card is just connected to the PC through a card reader I am able to read and write to it without issue. I have updated to the latest firmware as well. Could some one help me figure out what im doin wrong?

Try not going through WMP. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and put the unit in MSC mode. Then drag-and-drop things onto it via Windows Explorer (My Computer or Computer).