Micro SD Card

is it true that kingston micro sd cards cannot play video on the sansa fuze?

what micro sd class should i use to play videos on it?

what is your favorite brand? (transcend, sandisk, kingston,etc)

Kingston cannot play video (there’s a thread somewhere if you want to search and read up on it).

I only buy SanDisk cards.  Never had a problem.  I have some others, but prefer SanDisk.

What class are your cards?

When I had my Fuze, I had a SanDisk 8GB class 2. I never did video with it, but for audio class 2 works fine.

There we definitely problems with video on some kingston cards.  As mentioned, there are some posts about it.

Any Class will be fine for any audio/video playback duties.  The main difference between classes will be in loading files onto the player, where class 4/6 will be much faster than class 2 when you’re loading a lot of data.

So any class will be fine for photos/audio/video, the class just determines the speed of putting files, right?