Micro SD Card, write-protected in hardware-level?

Dear sir/Madam

I couldn’t format my microSDXC 64GB with all following means:

1- Removing read-only permission from the drive, disk properties
2- Formatting from Windows
3- Formatting from CMD using DISKPART
4- Editing the Registry solution (for WriteProtect word)
5- Tried different free online tools like HDD LL Format tool and HP Format Tool, SDCard Formatter 4.0, TestDisk 7.0

6- Checked the Boot Sector info, they are gone, but back up boot sector info is available but couldn’t write it back.

Found out if there is follwing mesaags in CMD, Diskpart window:

“Current Read-Only state: Yes”

It means the SDCard is blocked and write-protected in hardware-level for sake of information safty. 


So my questions are:

1-Is this true?

2-If so, is there any way to  remove write-protected in hardware-level?