Micro SD Card and jumpy Video


I recently purchased an 8GB Fuze+.  Very pleased with it.  I soon ran out of space and wanted to put a memory card it.

I bought a SanDisk 16GB Class 2.  Is this ok or is it not quick enough for video?  Is this why it’s jumpy?

I used the SMC and that made the videos worse.  I’ve tried XViD @ 500kps @ 320x240 & 25fps with MP3 audio at CBR 128kbps & 44.1khz

I’ve also tried the recommeded MP4 settings on this thread: http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/Fuze/Fuze-Video-Requirements/td-p/187774

Also in Windows 7 I used to get a Sansa window pop up when I plugged teh device in to the USB and that was on auto mode.  I now just get a Fuze device under My Computer or a drive mapped if I use MTP.  Any ideas on this?


I have had mixed results using the Sansa Media Converter.  Many users report a loss of audio synchronization, a remnant actually caused by the frame rate and the NTSC standard with analog television- with digital, dropped frames causes the audio to fall out of synchronization, but I digress.

Try using AnyVideoConverter.  There’s a post regarding the specifications that seem to work well.  The cool thing with the Fuze+ is that many different conversion programs will work equally well.

As to that stutter, be sure that the SDHC card is formatted with 32kb cluster allocation size , as Windows has the nasty habit of defaulting to 4kb.  The smaller cluster size can create a lot of processor overhead that will lead to a stutter, both in video and audio.

Try transferring the same video file to the internal memory and see if it plays better.  The read speed of the card shouldn’t be a problem, especially with a SanDisk card, for your videoto play smoothly.

SMC has a habit of generating a huge video file at times; try using an alternate engine to build the file formatted for the Fuze screen.  Let us know of the results, or post any questions here!

The new screen is great for video.  I have to get some more microSD cards for more movie clips, it’s a lot of fun on the Fuze+.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for info.  I’ll check the formatting.  I just used the Fuze to format it.  I’ll do it again through windows and make sure it’s 32k.


All sorted.

I downloaded the free version of Any Video Converter and used the settings from here: Video Settings

Playback is now smooth as silk.  For good measure I also reformatted the SD Card at 32k.

I also found a useful tip.  If you then chuck your newly converted videos in Sansa Media Converter, then hit convert.

If you quickly go to ‘%userprofile%\Documents\Sansa Media Converter\Thumbnail’ you can copy the random Thumbnail to another location.

Cancel the conversion and you then have the Thumbnail for the player.

Just drop it in with the video in the same folder on the player.  NiCE.

Am I right in thinking that you can also just rename a .jpg to .thm but with the suffix “VideoName_Large.thm”