Micro SD and audiobook

I have downloaded audiobooks on my micro sd, but my Fuse reads automatically only from the last chaper.  How do I get it to recognize from chapter 1?  can I make it bookmark like it does from the internal memory?  Can I make it work like the internal memory all together?  The shuffle play is off.

Keep it very simple please…computer speak is totally foreign to me!


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There is no difference between use from internal memory or from an uSD card.

I am fairly sure the reason for your mixed up playback order is in the ID3 tags of your audiobook files. 

This issue has been raised many times, and the anwer almost always given involves using the Mp3Tag program to tag your MP3 files.

Good luck.

You can try this;

Each track ID tag for Album,  needs to be the same.  Try using a Tagging program to make the Album titles identical .

The Disc Number feature only works in MSC mode or on external card.