Micro disc is rejected

I loaded an audio book onto a micro card, but my sansa player insisted that I must “sycronize to continue music subscrition”. well I have never figured how to put the audio books in any place other than the music section. But is it just in the wrong place?

“Synchronize to continue music subscription” means the files(s) you’re trying to play have been crippled with DRM (Digital Rights Management). They must be ‘authorized’ to a particular device. Since it’s an audio book, I assume you got it from a place like Audible.com or your local library. Either one has their own proprietary software that will transfer the licensing codes and/or time restrictions along with the file(s). You must use this and MTP mode on your player in order to use these files. Depending on the source of these files, they may or not work when loaded on a removable memory card (Heaven forbid you might take the card and give it to someone else to use). Consult the vendor (Audible, Rhapsody, Napster, library, etc.) on this.

And the software ‘should’ put them in the Audiobooks folder. But if not, it’s a simple matter to move them there yourself. :wink: