mic suggestion..help?

Using the sansa clip as a mic for the computer. I already tried connecting the clip to the mic jack(knowing it wouldn’t work). Could it be possible in later firmware updates? it wouldn’t really matter to me, as i’m using a laptop with a mic. But i’d like to be able to use the clip as a mic if it was connected for charging or something.

If you download the m300a.bin file and change the “a” to “t” you’ll have the test firmware. You’ll notice a new position in the settings menu - some simple tests, checking if the display works, the current voltage of the battery and so on PLUS a mic-test wich loops the mic and the audio-out (the Clip doesn’t record then, but the signal from the mic goes straight to the headphone-out). If you plug the Clip to the mic-in (or line-in should also work) you should be able to use it as a pc-microphone.

IMPORTANT: I don’t know if installing the test-firmware doesn’t make your warranty invalid, so you do it at your own risk.

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Wow–thanks for this info.!

well since infomation about the firmware has been released, I don’t think T will void your warrenty.  you could easily connect your device and upload “a” version back on.  this is also used to change the device to different region codes.  I dont remember what letters for what ,but its something like “e” for europe, but don’t go trying random letters.

It’s all at the abi forum