Method for connecting Sansa Clip to Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

“Having trouble getting you Sansa Clip to connect to Windows XP Service Pack 2?”

 If you are having trouble connecting your Sansa Clip to your computer, and have tried connecting it in "Auto Detect"mode, “MTP” mode, and “MSC” mode and your computer still doesn’t detect that it has been connected, I have a method that I accidentally discovered that should work…




Now this may sound kind of stupid but it worked for me.

In order to get your computer that is running Windows Xp Service Pack 2 to detect your Sansa Clip you have to get your Sansa Clip to freeze. I don’t know what I did to cause it to freeze, but if I can remember correctly, I unplugged the USB cable from my Sansa Clip and when the Sansa Clip screen said “Disconnected” I immediately pulgged the USB cable bac into my Sansa Clip causing it to freeze. So I unplugged the USB cable again and I then held the power switch in the “up” position until the device shut off. After it shut off,I turned it back on and waited about 5 or 6 seconds and reconnected the USB cable to my Sansa Clip and my computer then said “Found New Hardware.”

NOT A GOOD IDEA… you will probably fry your clip soon. Instead, may sure your windows is up to date (They are on SP3 now), and pluging your clip in and then uninstalling your USB drivers and reinstalling them