Metallic click at the end of a file


Has anyone experienced this?: I’m listening to podcasts and at the end of a file my clip makes a metallic sound almost like it is cut off. I’ve tried different head phones - same thing. When I listen to the files on the computer they are fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

Funny you should mention that. I have the same thing with some audiobooks. But not on my music. I thought it was something with my files, but I get it on other files that are not related to.

I thought it might have been that the audiobook files have a newer ID3 tag version than the music files and that the exstra id3 info gets played as sound? It looks like my audiobook files have ID3 version 24 and my music have 22. These are mp3 files. Another thing is that the crack sound variates in strength and length. From quite loud to nearly nothing. But the length  is always quite smal but with only small differences.

 Now, this with the ID3 thing is purely guessing. It just poped into my mind.

ID3 v2.4 (which the Clip is not supossed to read or even recognize) is put at the end of the file, unlike ID3v2.3 which is at the beginning. Perhaps the Clip is trying to decode some audio from the tag.

I just heard this too, although mine is more of a “zap” than a click.  Is it a problem with tags? Is this something that will be fixed in a firmware update?