Menu/Settings/Volume: "high" vs. "normal" volume

Can some one tell me the difference between these two options. I am finding that I often have to turn my clip to the loudest setting to get the right volume for my tastes which are not that loud. My menu is on the “high” setting.  Should i set it to “normal”?

High will give you the maximum output. 

You probably need to invest in Headphones with a higher sensitivity level. 

Just in case, I noticed that I need to turn the Clip off and on again to make the new volume setting effective. (at first I thought that the setting was not working!)

The feature does work, wether you turn it off or not…

The difference is thay it make the volume bar “longer” but with less steps between 0 to 100%

So normal will give you a bar that goes from 0 to 80% of the capable output in 31 steps (im guessing the pecentage)

and High will give you from 0 to 100% in 29 steps

For a louder output, I recommend going with more efficient in-ear phones like the Maximo iMetals, JVC Air Cushions, or Sennheiser buds.

The original devices have decent sound, but they are not as efficient.

Bob  :wink: 

There also is a very sweet portable amp. being sold now, tiny (a bit more than 2x the size of its AAA battery), for US$8.50 shipped worldwide (no, this is not a typo.!), and it’s getting nice reviews for something that size.  See the opening page of for info.  (But I’d still get more sensitive headphones.)