menu problem

I am having problems with my new sansa clip +. I dont know how to change the menu screen. It only shows the headphones and music icon like the link below. How do I change this to get to other menu settings?

Peel the protective screen cover off.

Peel the protective screen decal/sticker off. There’s a small tab (usually in the upper right corner) that will help get it started.

How do I change the menu to what I want to listen, such as Motown(Motor City)?

I have something I nvever listened before and I want to go back to what I like to listen to.

If the files are tagged correctly, you could use the Genre listing to find it. Otherwise, use the Artist > Album > Song.

Maybe reading the Clip+ Users Guide could help you too.

This is too hilarious! I had the same “problem”. I have spent two days trying different solutions and finally joined the forum to get help.

Well, I see the menu now, so I can get started.