Menu button misbehaves

Just got a new 2GB Clip.  When I start it, it defaults to the first sub-menu of the FM radio function.  When I press the Menu button from anywhere, that’s also where it goes.  Pressing Menu twice takes me to the FM Radio main menu function, then I can scroll to the Music or other functions.  The instructions say pressing Menu always goes to the Music main function, which is what I’d expect.  I called support and they had me reformat it (losing all the music that came with it, of course).  That didn’t change anything.  I also downloaded the Updater and updated to Firmware v01.01.18A. 

As long as I’m posting, all the pictures I’ve seen of this (on cnet’s review, at Amazon where I bought it, and on at, the menu button says Menu above it.  The actual product has a home icon.  I don’t really care, but I’m wondering if I got some old version that Amazon had laying around or if all the players come with the home icon.

Finally, every time I lay it down, it rattles, and I think it’s the volume rocker button.  Anyone else notice that?  Also, is there a way to get the originally loaded music back?

Thanks for any help/advice.

Mine–not from–likewise has a home icon on it and not the word “menu”.


it should have the home icon. the clips that said “menu” were the very first ones made.

>>>Finally, every time I lay it down, it rattles, and I think it’s the volume rocker button.  Anyone else notice that?  Also, is there a way to get the originally loaded music back?<<<

I think it’s actually the power/hold button that rattles. The volume button has a little play too- but the power/hold button has much more.

As for the original music(You liked it?!)…well…this wont help you…but for others who may be reading: If ya like it, save it to your computer before reformatting your Clip.

Actually, don’t know if I liked it!!:)  Never had a chance to listen.  After it charged I placed a call to tech support about the menu button behavior problem (original subject of my post) and he insisted I reformat and didn’t want to wait while I copied the music.  Only after he asked me to do the reformat did he say he didn’t understand the menu button problem.  Nice.  Someone posted the names of the original tunes, so I’ll take a listen a iTunes and decide if I want to buy it. 

So, any idea why my player starts up somewhere other than the main menu?

I apologize in advance for asking a basic question (I just got slammed at this board for doing so), but are you turning off your player at that screen, by any chance?  I just experimented and if my player is on that screen (playing the FM radio) when I shut off, that’s where it starts back when I turn it on.  If that’s your scenario, just keep on doing what you’re doing and navigate to where you want to be when you turn the Clip on, or get to music you want to play before you shut off. In the end, the Clip seems to start up at whatever was being played/listened to last.

Thanks for the response.  Actually, I did turn it off at that spot.  Then I went to voice recording and turned it off there, and when I restarted, it was at voice recording.  That’s not bad, maybe even a feature. 

But when I’m at the main music menu and turn it off, it never starts up there.  The tech spt guy suggested I have to actually play something before it would start up there.  That seems weird (and a little like a made up answer), and I actually haven’t tried it yet.  I was so exasperated last night after waiting for the charge and then finding these anomolies that I haven’t been back to it today (still at work). 

So let’s say I do startup at the first sub-menu of the FM function.  What should happen when I press the Menu button?  The manual says/implies it should go to Music, but it goes to FM radio.  Maybe that makes sense, but the manual seems to say all presses of the Menu button take you to the main music menu, which definitely isn’t the case on my player. 

Of course, the manual also says to plug the large end of the USB cable into the player and the small end into the computer.  So I’m not sure I put a lot of faith in the user manual. 

So you’ve noticed that the manual is not quite 100%, huh?


I confirmed that my player works like yours–it’s just the defaults.  And if you think about it, it makes sense, in a way:  if you’re in the FM radio screen and press the menu/home button, the player doesn’t really know if you want to go to Music, Settings, etc.  And so it gets you to that level and then you just navigate to what you want using the up/down keys.  And I guess the decision was made to default to the last listening mode when turning on, rather than to a menu, in trying to predict what the user might want. 

But it’s always good to know that one’s player is doing what it should in comparison to others.

Thanks Miikerman.  Yeah, I just wanted to be sure it was working like it should.  I just transferred some tunes, both via drag/drop and WMP v11 and all worked fine.  I am impressed by the sound quality, though I’m not really an audiophile.  The whole reason I bought this is for the gym (where I’ve avoided going since xmas), so now I’ve got some playlists to help me with the tedium of treadmills and nautilus machines.  I wish the build quality were a bit more solid, but for $55 at amazon, I can’t really complain.  Of course, no sooner had it arrived than I saw the new 4GB.  No matter, I’ll use a different player for more stuff.  Appreciate your responses.  I can be kind of obsessive-compulsive about these things.  Now I’m relaxing with some sweet sounds and all’s good.  Thanks again.

Thanks.  I bought the player for the same reason (plus it’s danged cute!).  I listened to a full album today and really am impressed by the sound.  If you don’t have a protective case for it, check out–$5.99 includes shipping, and there’s 10% off; the cases (I just got one) are good silicone cases that you’ll see all around and the seller was great and fast.  Enjoy–