MemoryZone Manual backup very slow to start, or not starting

Hi everyone. I got the SD Ultra dual drive recently and downloaded the memoryzone app on my phone. When I first tried to backup, it was running but very slowly, and my battery would have died before the backup finished so I stopped the backup. Now I have my phone all charged up but the manual backup is stuck on “setting up backup…” with the spinning circle of death for the last 10-15 minutes.  No chage in the % done either. Anyone experience this??



Sounds like a memoryzone problem, have you written to them?

No but I plan on it…having other issues now

How is the best way to contact them?

Start here:

If that was the case, I would be told that a problem exists due to a drive being opened. close the drive and try again. It does just what I said and my disk files are healthy according to CHDSK command. I sure didn’t secure my disk. Placed new disk in usb port copied all files from my documents. removed disk checked the results…everything was fine…it showed that I had 2 point something gigs on my disk. I found some pictures that I wanted to add to those 2. something gigs the same way I installed the documents initially. That’s when I get the: This disk is write protected. I think I might purchase another one and immediately format it in the Ntfs format. I can find sandisks like mine with free shipping and only $14. That’s something I can live with. I’ll try my suggestion and let the forum know the results when I purchase another one.

Same post, same reply.