Memory Zone app installs completely different versions on two phones at the same time.

Okay, so I had to sign up for the forum because SanDisk support doesn’t handle support for this SanDisk software(??).

  Anyway, I just purchased a number of SanDisk microSD cards (the type with A1 speed rating) for use with various phones my family owns.  I noticed mention on the packages of the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android, so I decided to test installing it.  The first two devices I installed it on were as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy Core S-G386W running Android 4.4.2 (I was impressed the app still supports this older OS - THANKS!)

  • LG Risio 2 LG-M154 running Android 6.0.1

  The app installs and works properly on both phones, but here’s the strange part - the app version installed is not the same on each, and the older phone actually got the LATER app version.  The older app version that showed up on the LG lacks the junk clean-up tool and has a completely different UI.  The Samsung got version 4.1.6 dated Oct.22, 2018, while the LG got version 3.0.17 dated May 7, 2018.  Even more strange is that on the Samsung the app immediately appeared in the “Updates” history in Play Store, as if it was updated automatically immediately after it was initially installed (I always have automatic updates disabled on all my devices, preferring to check for and approve updates manually - the LG shows no update available.)

  As I understood the operation of Play Store, only the latest version of an app will ever be available for download, so a situation where two phones download the same app mere minutes apart (and from the same Google account) should not result in multiple versions being installed because it should be impossible.  Removing and re-installing the app on the LG still resulted in having the older version of the app under a version of Android two generations NEWER.

  Can anyone explain how this is possible?  Can a direct download of the correct version of the apk file be provided by SanDisk for manual installation to get around the problem?  The only other way I can think of accomplishing this is to use an alternative file manager app with an app backup feature to retrieve the more recent version from the Samsung phone and then copy it to the LG and manually install the package.  Before I attempt that I will await responses here.