memory full unable to create database

Hi there,

My 4GB s260 is giving an error message: “Memory full unable to create database.”  So that when I go into the music section, it reads “empty”

According to the settings - info section, there is still 909MB free.

The solution would appear simple: delete some songs.  But Windows Media Player (version 11) all of a sudden has decided it does not want to recognise that a device has been connected. 

I have tried to change from MTP to MSC and view as a removable disk.  The computer can see that it is connected, and see the vido and pictures folder, but not the music folder.

I am hoping that there is a nice easy fix to this.



You try formatting the device in MSC mode?

Have you tried enabling hidden files and folders?

The way you do this is when you’ve go the My Computer Window open, there’s a Menu at the top that says Tools. Select that menu and then choose Folder Options (should be the last item on the drop down menu). When the next window pops up, look for the tab that says VIEW and click on it. Then toward the middle of the window there is a white box with a bunch of options in it. At the bottom you will see an option for HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS and below it two options. Place the dot next to SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS.

Once this is done, open up the drive for your player and you’ll see some new, ‘ghost’ files including your Music Folder.

One tip - when you delete the music out of the Music folder, you *may* want to try also deleting the entire System folder and allow the player to rebuild it when you disconnect and restart. The reason is sometimes information for the songs (licenses, etc) can end up stored in the System folder.

If this doesn’t work you may have to break down and just format the player. If it’s displaying over 900MB free, it shouldn’t be giving the error of not enough room. My guess is there may be a corrupt song/sector of memory on the player.

That’s my two cents - hopefully it helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions.  I put it in MSC mode, formatted it, and now it works fine.