Memory card

How much memory can I install on my Sansa Fuze player? i.e. what kind of memory card should I get–is there a maximum that the player will hold? 4 GB? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB?

You can effectively use up to a 32GB card. Note however, that there is a database limitation so if you have many low bit-rate files and they exceed around 5000 or so (combined internal & memeory card), the player will not ‘see’ them.

One other bit of advice . . . resist the temptation to go with the higher speed Class 10 Micro SD cards. They are built for cameras shooting HD and video, not mp3 players. Not only will they cost you more money (usually), but they will not give you any benefit. In fact, just the opposite; several people have reported compatibilty issues with SanDisk players and Class 10 card.

Class 4 is more than plenty to handle the playback of audio files. :wink:

Thank you! I had not even heard of class 10, but have heard of class 4, so I’ll stick with that. Thanks again!