Memory Card Storage

I just bought half a dozen Extreme SDHC UHS-1 Cards for use on a trip I have planned.  This is a newbe question.  The small plastic case that each SD card came packaged in will not fit in my card wallet - a Tenba 636-218 Reload SD 9 Card Wallet.  In this wallet, one side of each card slot is a semi-transparent vinyl and the other side is the nylon fabric of the wallet itself.  Will it harm the SD cards to remove them from their original plastic cases and store them in this wallet?  Thanks for your help.


the answer to you question is no because the sandisk cards are very durable and can handle a lot of enviromental exposure so you can just remove them from the plastic case and have them in that wallet without fear damaging them.

Deponia - thanks for the answer.  I appreciate it.


you are welcome im glad i could help you with your issue.