Memory card problems

I had a memory disc that was damaged beyond belief , ( feel out of the camera and was broken) I was unable to get ANY data from it .  I went on the WEB for any info on what to do and found , They offered to try and recover the data and would only charge if they recovered any pictures . With nothing to loose I mailed the disc out on a thursday , by that Saturday I was sent a email and some sample pictures from the disc , AMAZING ,  I considered the pictures lost . The one thing I learned is to BACKUP files all the time , I must say I was NOT all that careful with my disc and it was my own fault that it got damaged , but Recoverfab saved my pictures . :smiley:

Good to hear . . . how are their prices? Many times the cost of file recovery is prohibitive, like hundreds of dollars!

Nice to see this for you. Drives fail for no apparent reason.It could be 5 months or 5 years. It depends. It would also be a huge convenience if it’s an automatic backup like a cron job.

I had a similar experience and have nothing but good things to say about this particular company as well.  My camera fell into the ocean when our motorboat tipped over on vacation, and afterward my laptop wouldn’t recognize the SD card at all.  I tried cleaning the salt off the gold-plated contacts myself, but it didn’t do any good.  I finally decided to part with the money and send the card to Recoverfab, and I’m really glad I did.  They had all the pictures recovered within a few days of receiving my card.

Wow, me too…My disk was dead and I was devistated…a once in a life time family trip was dropped in the water and gone forever. Then I found Recoverfab. I couldnt be happier now that I found them. It took sometime for my disk to get to Germany, but was it did they were done with in 24 hrs. So nice to have my photos. It was worth the cost no question about it.