Media Refresh -- Unwanted Changes

I have a Clip+ 4GB (FW: 01.02.18A) w/ a 32GB MicroSD card installed. Uploaded complete mp3 albums to the thing by drag n’ drop in Windows. All seems fine until I unplug it from my PC & it does the “refreshing your media” afterward. Problem is that this keeps making unwanted changes to my folders &/or files. For instance, I created an “Albums” folder on the MSD card & uploaded groups of mp3s in that form (yet the same folder on the internal memory stayed intact). After the refresh, that folder is chaned into “New Folder” & w/ a matching “New Folder.ofn” file in the root directory. Or it destroys all the preedited metadata (tags) on random mp3’s that were uploaded to the unit. Why? What is the purpose of the media refresh after disconnection?

On your player, is the USB mode set to MTP? Settings, system settings, USB mode, MTP? MTP causes many problems, and should only be used if you need to use protected files. if you don’t use protected files, and have copies of all the songs on the player also on your pc, then I suggest that you delete all the songs on the card, then disconnect the player, format it-settings, system settings, format, then change the usb mode to MSC, then reconnect the player and copy the songs to it again.

JK98 is right. 

In case you are wondering why, MTP mode controls the Sansa through Windows Media Player, which for its own bizarre indexing purposes sometimes changes file and folder names. It’s not the Refresh that is changing things, it’s what Windows and Windows Media Player did while you were connected.

MSC mode just sees the Sansa as two drives–internal memory and the memory card–and treats them both as basic storage. You name a file or folder, you place it wherever you want and it stays that way. (Actually, Audiobooks and Podcasts are treated differently by the Sansa, so don’t put music files in those.) 

Your computer can only see files in the mode that transmitted them. That’s why you need to empty the card, switch to MSC, and reload. Otherwise the files sent over via MTP will be invisible to your computer after you switch to MSC (although the Sansa itself will display them). 

On my microSD I don’t even bother with a Music or Albums folder–I just drag each album folder onto the card itself, so it’s E:/Artist-Album Title.

But you can use any system you want as long as the entire path–E:/Music/Albums/Artist/Album Title, or whatever–doesn’t get too long.  I think the Windows limit is 256 characters.   So

E:/Music/Albums/Orchestra of the People’s Republic of China Performing with Every Musician and Singer In China Tibet Hong Kong and Taiwan/Songs of the Glorious Chinese People and the People’s Republic For Orchestra Chorus And Acrobats Featuring Lang Lang/Shanghai/ Disc One 

would be pushing things.