Media Manager Recommendation for Sansa View?

I hate Windows Media player. Real player is not working right on my laptop. Can someone recommend a decent - and basic - media manager that will sync w my View? I just need to rip CDs and put the music from them and the music I download onto my Sansa while keeping them organized in a nice library style. THANKS!

Why ‘sync’ at all? Use WMP (or any number of other free programs) to rip your CD’s. Whatever program you use will create an Artist folder, and inside will be album folders containing the song files within your “My Music” folder on your computer. Then all you have to do is drag & drop them from your “My Music” folder to the Music folder on your View.

I would advise using MSC mode on your View though If you sync, you must use MTP mode which some people have problems with.

Easy-Peasey-Lemon-Squeezey! :smiley:

Good point. Duh? WIll it give me all pretty nice album covers and everything? Not that it really has anything to do w the music listening experience! LOL.

Not automatically, but there’s an easy way to add album art. See the #3 video here.