Media Manager For Sansa Fuze+?

Anybody know any good music/media manager designed or that works great with the Sansa Fuze+?

I’m looking for something that works for the Sansa Fuze+ like iTunes for iPod.


I’m going to take a guess and say that most people would use Windows Media Player. Personally, I used to use Real Player, until something made me decide to just use drag and drop. I think there is some Rhapsody software that comes with the Fuze+, but since I didn’t even bother to install the cd, I can’t verify wheather that software is any good.

The following article answers your question regardless of whether you use Windows, Mac,

or my personal favorite: Linux  I prefer Amarok and Banshee to Rhythmbox.

What functions are you unable to accomplish with normal drag-n-drop?