Media converter!

Can I use the SMC converter for converting DVD’s to my Fuze? I never put movies on the unit yet…I don’t think I’ll be using the Fuze for that but just want to see how it handles it…  How much room would a 2 hour movie take up? I use the Fuze for music 100% so far and it’s great for that… I have the 8 GB unit. windows XP…MP 11… if that helps! thanks! George 

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I just loaded two movies onto my fuze.  I think they took about 500 mb’s.  I had to use a seperate software to rip my DVD onto my computer.  Once on my computer the SMC converted it to work on my fuze.  It was time consuming but it was worth it.  Now my daughter can watch her movies on the airplane without sucking my laptop dry.

What software did you use to rip the dvd? Effect matrix doesn’t work well for me. The picture is grainy and of course the audio is like watching an old Bruce Lee flick.

 The Aimersoft  DVD ripper works  wonderfully.

Thank you all!  George

I used this software…  It’s pretty user friendly, gives you enough options to make it nice but keeps it simple enough to get it right the first time.


Free!!  That’s the right price for me!!  I’ll give it a try! Thanks! I also have Nero 7. I know that has a lot in it but not sure if that will also rip DVD’s I’ll look around in that also…  George

I ended up getting anydvdconverter (name of product and website) software.  It was about $45, but sooo worth it.  I tried the free one and couldn’t get it to work.  Since this did, I’m using it now.  I love that the Sansa has the memory card because then I can load several on cards and not have to convert them again, but that’s not too bad after I’ve used the anydvdconverter software.   Since I don’t have many (or money) I’m not going to worry about it right now.

to fellow movie converts,

What settings (res, bit-rate) do you use for the mp4 file once you’ve ripped the DVD (to AVI first?). And if you used Aimesoft or AnyDVDConverter do you still need SMC to either convert the ripped DVD, or to just transfer the mp4 file? Can you just drag and drop the mp4 file into the Video folder for Windows Explorer?


Yep,you still need to use the SMC.

It sure can be a frustrating process downloading movies. Very inconsistent. I’m having issues with my desktop DVD, so all conversions are on my laptop, which MAY explain some of my issues.

About 25% of the public domain movies won’t do the “add media” function because it doesn’t have the right codec, about 10% will actually go through the “convert” process, then NOT BE THERE! And out of 6 or 7 movies I tried to download from my DVD with the pay version of E.M. Dvd converter, only two movies actually ended up on my sansa.

I’ve ended up with 24 pub. dom. movies, JFK, and the Matrix Reloaded, on 5 2g cards. I think they are quite watchable, altho’ all the pd movies have the ridiculous problem with the audio delay (I hope this will be fixed with this weeks firmware update!). The dvd copies don’t have the audio delay.

All in a a nightmare. I think the fact that the various conversions take so much time, is what makes it so frustrating when the process doesn’t “take”.