Media Converter Wont Start Up

Whenever I start up my Sansa Media COnverter, It shows the logo then just stays in that logo forever. i stop waiting after 10 minutes. What’s wrong with it. i reinstalled so many times.

I found the fix to this, don’t have your sansa connected when you first start the application. Unplug the player, start the app, and plug in the player. Works for me after serveral tests.

Mine does the same thing, and when I tried the tip on that page it still didn’t work…HELP!!! 

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Try uninstalling the program again, once done, go to start, then click run

Type in “regedit” (minus the “” )

Click on file and export (this is to save a copy of your registry in case something happens) give it a name (something you’ll remember is your registry back up) then save.

Once the back-up is done, click edit and select Find

Enter the following key (you may need to remove the {}): {FC053571-8507-44E4-8B6D-AACEAB8CA57C}

Once that key has been found, delete it. Press F3 on your keyboard just to make sure there’s no other key that matches, if there is, delete it as well.

Once all that’s done, restart your computer and re-install. Hopefully this works for u :slight_smile:

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