media converter wont recognize device

my pc recognizes my sansa fuze i can browse with explorer but media converter wont recognize my device, so i cant convert anything over to my sansa:angry:

I just installed the media converter for the first time and had the same issue. The PC recognizes the Sansa Fuze, but the media converter won’t (and then I had some weird issues where the PC see the Fuze, but can’t see any of the files or directories).

I still have the same problem also and it’s driving me crazy ( both posts above mine)

I have same issue but I have windows Vista and on the first conversion everything worked well on the next video it stalled on the conversion I tried to reinstall the program but it is saying that it cannot find the “destination component” and it asks me to find the file for the setup program. I tried to find the rpogram but have been unsuccesful I feel that if I can get the program this file that my converter will work properly. I reccomend that all of you try to reinstall the converter and see if you run into this issue thanks

Sometimes the connection gets severed by Windows.  Try going to the Device Manager, find the Sansa, and select Update Driver.  On occasions, I’ve seen the convert button reappear as highlighted following this tweak.

You can also try reversing the sequence, plugging in before opening the SMC.

Bob  :wink:

I’ve had a very similar problem, windows itself not recognizing the player and therefore not charging it.

What did the trick for me, was to end the process “sansadispatch.exe” (from memory, so it could be called something slightly different) in the taskmanager and then plugging the fuze in, now it works just fine.

Check your System devices and  find your sanza Fuze. It is probably listed twice. Disable one of them. This worked form