Media Converter Is cutting my videos short?

I have an iPod and a converter and all that fun stuff for it. Now I have a sansa view for my boyfriend and I’m trying to put these movies on it too (not copyright/iTunes protected) and they’re taking them and making them to be about half the time or even less than what they originally were… any thoughts or is this a known issue? I was hoping to make this an awesome Christmas present all loaded up, and I thought I was done until I saw that one of the movies was shrunk down to less than 30minutes. Seems a bit odd, I have more than enough space…

I also frequently receive error codes, but on all the movies that actually made it to the player, I didn’t receive one.


I have this exact same issue. The recording is about 45 minutes long and it cuts it to about 24 so it stops half-way through the show.

Any solution?

Okay I found the problem, apprently the player divides the videos, so longer things will need to be put in through multiple files.
Just check the disc for some thing like FS_1_1 then FS_1_2.