Media Converter Install C drive full error

For a start as a new forum user I cannot believe the amount of problems people get when installing and using a SANSA/Sandisk product , maybe before I bought a Sansa product I should have looked at all the issues on this forum and realised I should have bought some other makers product Ipod maybe.

I am one step away from ditching all my SANSA products in the nearest river.

In this day and age of software and computers it should be simple eneough to load and anstall and use programmes and products , bugs and issues should be fixed before a product is out on the market.

I get a message when I try and install the Mdia Centre that I need more space on my C drive “disk full” this is so 1980’s .

If a simple fix could ensure with the first reply I would have a go once but if not then downloading at cost an 89meg file was a waste of time and effort , the media centre one I have with my original unit is version 1 so thought I would upgrade to anew version on my new laptop using VISTA , starting to dislike VISTA as well ,give me XP anytime.

FORUMS are not a good thing to be in if it is needed so much then shows how inadequate products are.

So how do I install Media Centre when it says my C drive is full ad I know I have gigabytes to spare !!!



It’s not much help – I’m in the same boat. I am running Vista 64bit.  700+gigs of room on C: and it needs me to clear 105.3MB


For starters, don’t throw your sansa player in the river, it’s not environmentally friendly (not to mention, a waste of money).

I, for one, am not very fond of Vista and it’s “little Problems” that cause BIG headaches. I normally use Windows 7 or Windows XP.

As for your problem, Here is my recommendation:

  1. Check to see if there are any hard drive write limits on your user account. If there are any disable them, restart, and try installing again.

2.  Try Installing to a different location, such as a different hard drive or removable media (e.g. Flash drive, portable hard drive, … Etc.

3.  It is possible that there actually is not enough room on your hard drive, your OS is just miss reading it making appear that there is room, when really there isn’t. Some space on your hard drive may be reserved for backup files and temp. Storage that the OS requires to run correctly so it may not actually be “Free Space”.  Run the disk Clean Up Wizard to free up some extra space.

4.  It is possible that the install file is corrupt. Try downloading and installing again.

Little late in replying, but there is a very easy workaround for running this in vista 64 bit… the program files (x86) directory and everything in it s readonly.  uncheck this and you can install the converter.


Actually - I have permissions enabled to write to C, and still cannot install media converter on my Win7 64bit. I have 72GB of free space.

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