Media Converter fails to start with ERROR

I have e250 player

Notebook with Windows Media Center

and everything used to be fine…

But now I am unable to start Media Converter… with or without player attached. I can see the logo and after little time I get Windows error

It even gets to the Event log… but nothing useful and reinstall doesn’t help how many times I try

I would like to fix the problem without reinstalling Windows


AppName: umediaconverter.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown

ModVer: Offset: 0000b77d


maybe uninstalling it and removing it from the registry. then trying to do a clean install.

When you remove it from the registry, just ctrl+F “arcsoft”. If its the only program you have in regards to arcsoft, erase the whole folder. Otherwise you could mess up other programs that use information in here.

i have the same problem, but i have a e200 and it still comes up with the error thing…