Media Converter Error?

I’ve install the media converter.  After that, I tried to start it up, after the main screen shows up.  An error message shows up, and then shuts down the converter.  I reinstalled it twice now, but it won’t work no matter what I do.

The InterVideo / Sansa Media Converter 4.220 doesn’t operate with the new Fuze.  I have just updated the program to 4.236 via this link, and there’s a little hitch in updating the program as a upgrade:

The installation wizard will ask, “the media converter already exists.  Would you like to replace it?”  Respond “yes”, and the program will upgrade, maintaining your present files.

I was experiencing the grey warning triangle of doom with the new Fuze connected.  The update solved the problem so far.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Message Edited by neutron_bob on 06-14-2008 05:26 AM


can you post here the exact error message?