media converter -- does it work?

My experience with the media converter goes something like this –

connect fuze, start converter,

drop video file onto converter,

converter crashes

(lather rinse repeat for three different video podcasts, all downloaded via itunes)

Does the media converter actually work?  I have a windows XP box, with 2 GB memory.  Not the fastest box out there, but should be “good enough” for an 8 to 20 minute video file.


I don’t think I “dropped” the videos into the converter.  I just click on “add media”.  Then I click on “convert”.

I don’t know about the windows xp box… check out the SMC board for more info or maybe someone there can help more.

I’ve never had the slightest problem with the Media Converter in the eleven months I’ve had my Fuze. I’ve always used the method described here, clicking on the Add Media button. I’ve converted everything from pictures to various formats of audio files to downloaded Youtube videos (after converting them from FLV format first), and even converted full-length feature films and watched them in their entirety without issue, except of course for the time it takes to do the actual conversion. So my answer to the OP is, Yes, it does work. It could be faster IMO however.

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