Media Converter can't see my files

Just bought a Sansa Fuze 8GB player & would like to put some of my videos on it…  problem is, Media Converter only sees about 5% of the video’s on my computer.  I can view/play all of the videos in Windows Media Player 10, about 1/2 of which are in WMV format, with most of the rest in either DVD format or raw from my Video Camera, & a small percentage in various MPEG formats.


Athlon X2 4400

80GB HD (OS/Programs)

250GB HD (DATA/Storage)


Windows XP Pro w/SP3

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In most cases, you have to first use another conversion software program to convert the files to AVI. then SMC should be able to handle them.

There are several recommendations here. Look around and try some. One is bound to work for you. :smiley: