Media Converter 256CDG Issues

I am running Media Converter version 256CDG (The newest version) on the most recent firmware. My OS is Windows XP SP3 (a fresh install). I have windows media player 11 and am running k-lite codec pack 5.00 along with DirectX9c. I have read over the forums and have tried to troubleshoot this issue before posting this.

My main issue is this:

The media converter will not convert avi files encoded with xvid or divx. Pretty much any avi i try to convert pops up as Unfinished with no reason why after about 3 seconds. It hangs on mov files before hitting 100%, it hangs on 0% on mp4 files. Pretty much the only format that seems to work is wmv. This pretty much stinks because 95% of my video library is in avi and I have nearly NO wmv (i stay away from MS formats). Any help would be appreciated. I am planning a trip and would like to have this sorted. Thanks!

Do you have Quicktime installed? It has a codec apparently needed, but not included in the K-Lite pack.

Yes. I forgot to mention that. I have Quicktime 7 installed.

So no one has a solution for this? Honestly, why won’t sandisk just allow drag and drop to prevent crap like this?

Have you tried the same files with a different encoder? Xvid and Divix are part of the SMC software. I wonder if you dont have a newer encoder and the SMC versions of the same codecs dont play well together. 

When you install Sansa Media Converter it comes with the codecs it needs.  But if you then install a codec pack, or already have a newer version of mpeg-4 codec then you may find that SMC fails.  I don’t use K-Lite, preferring the Combined Community Codec Pack  whose installer detects this and advises you of the possible conflict between the two mpeg-4 encoders.  Probably the best thing to do is to re-install SMC.  If that doesn’t work then uninstall K-Lite codec pack and then re-install SMC and see if that works.  I had some movies fail to convert but all seems OK now after installing CCCP and then installing SMC again afterwards. 

In my opinion, the full K-Lite is a little bulky, whereas CCCP seems to support everything I need it to with a small list of filters/players/other stuff.  I especially enjoy ffdshow (which I knew nothing about untill I installed CCCP), because of the large number of formats supported.  This ffdshow codec is amazing, to say the least.