Media Cinverter freezes

Ir recognizes my E270 with pleanty of room

I go to add media (video in this case)

after selecting it it displayse a black box show 0%

It just hangs here…

I’ve tried remove & reinstall etc.

Any suggestions?

You’re probably trying to add a video format that is not recognized, or that SMC has problems with. Very rarely can you successfully convert a video using SMC only.

95 - 99% of all videos must first be converted with another program first . . . then converted a 2nd time using SMC which then also transfers it to your Sansa player or external memory card.

What converter program? Depends. Different people have different levels of success with different video formats using different programs. In other words, it’s mostly trial & error. There’s no ‘magic bullet’ that works on all video formats all the time. Read through some of the threads here and also on the player’s boards to find out what some have used and their comments. :wink: