MB limit of videos able to be uploaded?

I have a 4MB Fuze. I can upload half hour episodes of my fave TV show, but the Sansa Media converter won’t convert any hour long episodes. I have 1536 MB left on my Fuze, and the episodes I’m trying to upload, one at a time, are only 350 MB.

Why won’t they upload?:robotsad:

I forgot to add, I already checked, and all the files are in supported .avi format.

In probably 75 - 90% of cases, when using SMC, you have to convert the videos with another program first, even if they are already .avi format.

An alternative would be Video4Fuze which eliminates the need for SMC (and 2nd-program conversion) altogether. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try this and see if it work. I just couldn’t understand why some videos would upload and not others.