Maximum volume on SansaClipPlus

I have somehow limited the maximum volume on this device.The Help Desk explain there is a limit on volume imposed by EEC regulations and that they cannot advise me how to fix the problem. They suggest I seek help on the Forum which makes me believe there is a way to override the limit. I have no Volume section in the Systems Settings.

I have had a SansaClip for 3 years and have no problem with a volume limiter. There is a volume option in System Settings with a tchoice between Normal & High. I am using the High Setting.

When I first attached the new device to my computer for charging I do recall pressing English when offered a choice betwen that and American and  wonder if that was what caused the problem.

I wondered if Resetting to Factory Settings would enable me to reinstate the volume level I require. The manual does not explain the effect of this and the Help Desk did not answer my query about it.

I hope there is an easy answer and would be delighted if someone could help me.