Maximum number of folders on Fuse

I have over 80 folders but new folders take on an arbitrary number preceding “new folder”.

Is there a limit?

There’s +/- 8000 file limit, but I haven’t heard of a folder limit. What you’re describing though has been cited by others. They remedied it by using MSC mode instead of MTP.

I have over 400 Artist folders with anywhere from 1 up to 10 Album folders within each one so no, I don’t think you’ve hit the wall yet.

MTP mode adds the weird numbers for inscrutable reasons of its own (supposedly faster indexing or something). MSC won’t change anything.

Note that your computer can only see one mode at a time, while the Fuze sees both. For your own sanity, it’s best to use just one mode for everything. Drag-and-drop via MSC is the simplest and clearest.