Maximum Memory for C240?

Wiil the C240 handle a 4gb micro sd card?

does it say v2 on the back of your c200?

Fuente… Here’s a thing… The C200 mp3 player has a two version. The version one and the version two. The version one has the capability to read a Micro SD up to 2gb but the version to has a capability to read 4gb Micro SDHC. To check what version you have just simple look at the back of the device, check the model no. If you see a V2 after the model no. it means you have the version 2 but if not, you have the version 1. I hope this make your question answered

Thank you for the responses my unit does not have the V2 after the model on the battery cover so I guess i’ll ebay for some 2gb micro sd cards for extra memory