MAX Memory card size Sansa Fuze 2GB?

In a post asking about the Maximum size of memory card the Sansa Fuze can handle the reply was 

“32 GB cards will work fine. 32 GB micro SDHC cards aren’t available yet.”

This was in 2008 has this changed with  firmware updates?

Is this for v1 and v2 or only v2? If only v2 then what is the MAX for v1?

also what is the difference between v1 and v2 is it’s not the Maximum size of card SD Memory card it can handle?

I think the max is still 32MB.

The difference between the v1 and the v2 is that (from what I understand) the v2’s CPU is based on one of the other Sansa players while the v1 isn’t.

Regardless of the internal memory capacity, all Fuzes (v1s and v2s) work with up to 32GB cards.

Is one version better or then the other version? Like does one version have better player performance compared to the other or is one version more stable then their other version? 

I see that RockBox stable version only works with V1 so does this mean V1 is better or just that RockBox has not figured out v2 enough yet in order to write a stable firmware for v2?

People seem to have fewer problems with v1. However, your seller is unlikely to know whether it’s a v1 or v2.