Many Problems #1

I just purchased the Sansa clip and I am having many problems.  First, the clip is charged and I have the green arrow to disconect, but when I try to "double click on sansa device, nothing is there.


“Green arrow to disconnect”?

And unless data is being transmitted, you should be able to just disconnect.

@miikerman wrote:

“Green arrow to disconnect”?


I’m betting he means the universal USB tray icon.  The one you click on to “safely remove” your device.

so what is the problem? you can’t do a safely remove device? or you can’t access your sansa clip?  if its the latter, you access your clip from My Computer.  should see music, podcast, recordings, audiobook, etc folders.

If you mean that when you click the green arrow the clip isn’t listed, you’re probably in MTP mode.  You should be fine just disconnecting the device (as long as it’s not writing, check the display).

What I mean is that my clip is charged and I have the green arrow at the bottom of the screen.

But when loading music, I go to Explorer but there is no Sansa device to double click on. 

Go to Device manager,  remove the Sansa Clip device from the system.

Unplug the device and connect again.  Should “Find New hardware”.

Should be visible to Windows then