Manually entering song (mp3 file) info.

Some of my CD’s are purchased overseas. Therefore, CDDB has no information abot them as expected. I can enter all the info. Then, CDDB could use these for future users. 

Question is this:

What path is used by Sansa products? I don’t want to end up with Unknown album or artist crap!


Sansas don’t use a folder/file hierarchy so the path is irrelevant. They read the ID3tags embedded in the music file. As long as you manually fill in the info in the tags with somethng like MP3Tag your Sansa will read it and display the info correctly. Set your tag-editing software to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags and you shouldn’t have any problems or ‘Unknowns’.


Thank you. I downloaded mp3tag software. How do I use this program with mp3 files to make necessary changes? Sorry, I am new to this. 

Stepk -

This post may help. Once you get the setttings right, MP3Tag is pretty easy. Just remember that making the changes won’t stick unless you click the little SAVE icon in the upper left-hand corner under the FILE menu. :wink: (It looks like a floppy disk)

There’s tons of discussions about ‘tagging’ and MP3Tag on the boards here.