Manual Firmware update

Having issues trying to update the firmware. Currently on 4.0.2(2038), trying to update to 4.1 (2050). I have run through the instructions from:

Not getting anywhere. copy the firmware file (the 16gb - 32gb wfd2050s.df3 as i have a 32gb) to the root of the drive. Eject the usb stick from safely remove hardware. The lights do not flash, just stays at a constaint amber light. I have formatted the drive to fat32 and exfat trying to flash after each stage.

Can anyone verify that this is the correct firmware? Am I doing anything wrong?

ok, worked it out :wink:

On windows 10 you need to eject from explorer not from the taskbar by the clock. Right click on drive and eject. then it burst into flashing leds.

Hope this can help someone!

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How long did this firmware update take? Mine has been running for 30min or so…