Managing playlists on the Fuze

Hi there,

as you guys already helped me with some things, I want to give something back to the community.

This is how I manage my playlists on the Fuze:

Go to and download the Foobar Player, this is a simple and clean mp3 Player. Not as overloaded as Winamp or iTunes.

Now just drag and drop the songs you want to have in your playlist from your connected Fuze

Then save the playlist in the *.m3u format somewhere in the MUSIC Folder on your Fuze

Everything works fine, you can also edit your playlists later and add or delete songs from your playlists!

I hope I could help some of you.



For those that might prfer the “overloaded” Winamp :wink:, the same technique works in Winamp as well.

I am having endless trouble with playlists. Have tried Rhapsody. WMP and Winamp. Currently using winamp and don’t want to download yet another player.

I thought I had got it sorted with winamp because it lets you drag and drop and create new plylists etc and it all seemed to work. But today when I connected and added playlists and populated them and it looked fine on the Winamp but when I looked in my player I found that all the playlists contained the same 6 songs I had added to only 1 playlist. The songs I had in those lists previousley had vanished!

Any ideas as to why this should be?Any solutions? (Please not too technical as I am only a learner geek)


WMP Allows the same thing with draging and dropping to create playlists. What was the issue with that player? I have never had good luck with Rhapsody or WinAmp.