Managing MP3s and MicroSD storage

What ways are there to manage MP3s and MicroSD storage? How can I move MP3s and photos from MicroSD card to the MP3 player or to the computer?

Message Edited by WildStallions on 08-05-2007 02:12 AM

i use a reader/writer to transfer/manage files on to the microsd card, i have the mobilemate sd+

 you could just use the connect itself as a reader, sve yourself a buck or two.

yea, but if you want to write files to the card, you will need to use a reader/writer.  just so happens i have one that i use for my sd cards

The microSD card slot current capability of the Connect is limited to reading JPEG and PNG files. Currently you need to put these files on the card using a separate reader. A firmware update will be released in fall of 2007 which will provide read/write capability for photo, video and music files on the microSD. This firmware will also provide microSDHC compatability.