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Since Yahoo Music Jukebox is no longer available, what is the recommended program to transfer/manage music on the connect?  Are there any programs that allow you to edit content directly on the device?

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i would also like to know because windows media player ■■■■■ so bad. It doesnt sync the album art properly the few times that it even does sync with my 8GB microSDHC

If you belong to Rhapsody they have software to transfer/manage music your files on the connect.  U could try to use Realplayer other than these two I fear you may be stuck with Microsoft Media Player but you really must have version 11 or better.

I have used Winamp, Media Monkey, Windows Media Player, and Rhapsody 4.  All of them work with the Connect.  If you use subscription music with DRM, Windows Media Player is the only one that will properly transfer licenses.  Also, WMA files have embedded album art, not supported by Winamp and many others.    WMP11 has its flaws, but has proven to be the most reliable at syncing and transferring album art for me, and across numerous devices, including the Connect, and my phone (which is a Windows Mobile device).

WiMP 10 / 11 is required to provide MTP capability, regardless of the final choice of media manager.

You don’t have to use WiMP to manage your files, but it is needed for the drivers.

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As others have stated, any music management software which can sync via MTP should work.

I’ve personally found MediaMonkey to be the most stable of them all when it comes to syncing, but your mileage may vary.