I’m really confused. My Sansa is recognized by the computer and recognized by the Sansa, but when it is plugged in, my computer states that “This USB device has malfunctioned”. Is there any way to fix it?

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It depends upon your operating system.  In all likelihood, everything is fine, and the message flag is the only issue. 

Does the Fuze operate normally when unplugged?  There may be a Windows issue while it is recognizing the device ID and trying to establish a connection.  The message can pop up if the driver has not loaded completely.  It should load in a few seconds, despite the message.  This happens occasionally with the e280 and Windows XP SP3 on my end.

Perhaps, Microsoft should add a woman’s touch to the interface.  We need a second popup that states, “Oh, never mind!”

Otherwise, open the Devive manager, and select uninstall for the Fuze.  Disconnect, wait a wee bit (at least 30 seconds), then plug in again.  Hopefully, all will reinstall properly, and your moody interface will no longer plague you.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It does work fine when not connected to the computer.

However, we have a computer upstairs and one in my room. The Vista doesn’t recognize it and neither does the 98 upstairs, so I don’t believe it’s the computer(s).

Also, I cannot find where the driver is in the device manager. It’s probably there, but I cant’t find anything with Sansa in the name. Everytime I plug it in, it comes up as an unknown device. Should I uninstall that?

It’s recognizing its connected as well, but not charging.

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I don’t think that 98 not recognizing it tells you anything. Granted, I never plugged my Fuze into my 98 box, but my experince with USB on 98 was iffy at best.

If the same Windows tricks still work, then yes: delete the Unknown device and reboot for good measure.