Making more playlists and manually categorizing songs

Hi, I hope I’m doing this right. I just joined the forum to ask for help on this. I want to create and name more playlists other than the music go list but I can’t figure out how. I also have songs that I’ve downloaded off the internet that automatically get placed under unknown artist and unknown album. I can’t figure out how to change them to the appropriate artist (I don’t care so much about the album). I would really appreciate any help! Thanks!:smiley:

Playlist help

‘Unknown’ help

do a search here on the forum or here in the sandisk knowledge base. 

search editing ID3 tags for the unknown artist issue

search creating playlists  for the playlist issue

You most likely have these albums in  Windows Media Player.  These  albums have the date down loaded.   Click on the album. Uses your other albums as a guide.  The first item on the left is the  Album name, then the artist, then the genre, and lastly the year.  It is very easy.  Once you do this, sync and enjoy.  

Play list are even easier.  In WMP click on Create Playlist.  Give the list a name.  Sync the list like you would an album.  These can have music in them or they can be empty.  You can move the music to  your play list like you have added music to your go list in the past.  The Fuse+ Playlist feature is very nice.

Thanks so much to both of you! It’s all great now. I could even add album art! Thanks again.