Making Different Artists Folders ...

I have different folders of artists within the “Artists” folder, however, when I go to listen to my music and select “artists” they are all grouped under the category of “unknown”.

I did not download this music, but ripped it from my CD collection. Does this matter? When I have my clip plugged into the computer and go under “internal memory” it shows me the different folders I created but it is not translating the same from the computer to the actual device.


Sansa (and most other) players don’t use folders for organization/navigation, they use tags (artist/album info stored in the audio file).  MP3Tag is an excellent free tool you can use to tag your files with the proper artist and album information.

Yes! I actually just remembered how I tagged my other songs on my RIO Carbon. It’s been too long since I’ve messed around with an MP3 player. I feel so silly now. Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

One question . . . is cowhuggin anything like cowtippin? Now _ THAT _ would be silly! :smileyvery-happy: