Maintenance question

SSD’s use trim or garbage collection to maintain performance. I’m running my ReadyCache in RAID0 mode so I can use 2 2TB Samsung drives for a great storage drive, and a 2.5 inch Samsung 640GB as just a normal OS drive in RAID BIOS. The question is; does ReadyCache function the same regardless of AHCI or RAID? Does it use trim or garbage collection? I have another machine with two older OCZ Vertexes in RAID0, and I just log-out for a few hours each week and the garbage collection keeps them performing great.

I have looked elsewhere on the web but this is a new item and not much info is out there yet.


The ready cache solution will work with a RAID array as long as it is not part of the array. The drive will use garbage collection along with TRIM for performance maintenance. 

Thanks for the prompt reply. My understanding is that TRIM works through AHCI mode currently. Does garbage collection occur when the computer is idle, or do you have to log-off for a period of time to activate it?

Thanks again.

During idle time

Thanks for the info.